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Located at the tip of Europe, Portugal is a small country with 92 100 km2, including the two autonomous regions of Madeira and Azores, with an estimated population of 10 million inhabitants. The continental area is composed by a multifaceted and polychromatic puzzle, due to a permanent alternation of the terrain morphology, where mountainous areas are followed by valleys and plains, without going through large distances, offering unique landscapes of great scenic value.It has a network of protected areas, with 25 parks and natural reserves, where visitors can watch a wide variety of  animal and vegetable species and be in contact with nature in its purest state.

A diversified littoral, with about 963 km, covers both cosmopolitan and wild beaches, with a vast ocean view. This is the ideal country for a train, boat or car trip, or even by feet, supported by an efficient informative network of tourism posts. Portugal has a wide and valuable built heritage, with particular reference to churches, chapels, palaces, castles and fortifications that have written its ancient history. The Azores have nine different islands, with volcanism and nature tourism in common. On the other hand, Madeira islands show us a more refined tourism in Funchal and broad expanses of sand in Porto Santo (isle).

Thanks to its temperate climate and generous soil, Portugal has, from north to south, ten wine areas with their homes and farms open to those who wish to know more about the wine cycle. The country is also known for a very rich gastronomy, based on Mediterranean flavours and products with land and sea origin, without forgetting the good confectionery production inherited from the conventual secrets.

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