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Four Sections

Cub Scouts
When you are a Cub Scout (6-10 years old), the important thing is to play with others, play with joy and imagination, and to have contact with nature. Cub scouts like to invent games, to play and collect all sorts of things. Their curiosity is unmatchable. Scouting proposes exciting “Hunts” around common interests, supported by well-known tales and legends. Their framework is the Jungle Book and St. Francis of Assisi is their Patron. 

Scouts / Lad
Scouts (10-14 years old) are at the age of discovering the world and life. This is the age of adventure, it's time to create amazing projects with invincible heroes within the mysteries of Nature. Scouting offers the “Adventure”/”Expedition”, decided as a group and enjoyed by all, in which there is a hero who is, at the same time, the glue that keeps the group together. St. James the Greater is their Patron.

Venture Scout  / Fleet 
This is the groups of young people between the age of 14 and 18 years old. Venture Scouts want to prove what they are capable of, they want their personalities to be recognised, to have a deep knowledge of others, live as a group and to “help to transform the world”. The “Enterprise”/”Cruise” is a project created, enriched and lived as a group, where many things are discovered and built, where the function and responsibility of each one, like the cooperation between teams, is equally indispensable for the final success. St. Peter is their Patron.

Rovers / Sea Rovers
The Rovers, inspired by the New Self, are invited to undertake a journey choosing the right path even if the right path is not the easiest one. Within the age range age of 18 till 22 years old, Rovers start a journey that allows them to dare, to intervene within the community, through paths of growth and autonomy. St. Paul is their Patron.

Adult Volunteers
Adults are the guarantee of children and youngsters integral education. They are responsible for the existence of a safe environment, an environment propitious to experience the scouting game. In CNE, more than 13 thousand adult volunteers have specialised training that allows them to contribute to the education of young scouts. The relationship between generations – young people and adults – facilitates and stimulates the sharing environment. 

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