Located in Ribatejo, the municipalities of this region are distributed by the two margins and branches of Tagus river.
The entire area is influenced by its river, especially by the water plan of the Castelo do Bode dam, often used to most of water sports and recreational fishing. In Tomar you cand find a “Manuelino’s Jewel”, Convento de Cristo, and a 16th century main church. Going down the Tagus river, you arrive in Santarém, considered the capital of Gothic, attracting the visitors to take a walk by the city center.

The best way of finishing the tour is by the viewpoints, near the medieval walls. On the opposite bank, in Alpiarça, going to the House-Museum of Patudos is a must. Further down, you can find the fishing village of Escaroupim, with the traditional houses of Avieiros. Near Salvaterra de Magos, the Interpretative Center of Cabeço de Morros offers an historical comeback to the Mesolithic.

The region hosts the Natural Park of Serra d’Aire and Candeeiros, the place to observe the unusual geological effects resulting from the contact between rocks and water. We recommend visiting the Salt Fields (Marinhas do Sal), Lagoas do Arrimal, village of Bezerra and the dinosaur steps in Bairro. Hidden in the vast marshland is the Natural Reserve of Boquilobo, real bird sanctuary.



Beginning of Scouting

• Beginning of scouting: 1945
• Beginning of the region: 1975

Scout Centers

• Parque Permanente do Bonito – Entroncamento
• Campo Escola Serra d`Aire – Pedrógão
• Campo Ambiental do Mouchão – Lapas, Torres Novas


• Training Courses for Leaders and CNE’s Educational Programme

District Activities

• ACAREG / District camp
• St. Jorge’s Day
• Activities per Sections
• Activities in the rivers Tagus and Zêzere
• St. Paul (Rover)
• District Rover Forum
• «Levanta-te e anda» (Faith Pedagogy)


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