This region covers Beira Interior closed at south by the municipalities of Fundão and Penamacor. The major reference is the protected area of Serra da Estrela, offering pure and unique landscapes, visiting castles and villages that look like living museums, where nowadays you can still find wool production and the manufacturing of Serra da Estrela cheese. We advise you to go the information centers of Seia, Manteigas and Gouveia to plan sightseeing trips. The Serra da Malcata, in the municipalities of Sabugal and Penamacor, is the other protected area, deeply connected to the preservation of the Iberian lynx, where herding and the production of honey and cheese has been encouraged. Visiting some of the typicall villages of this area, like Meimão, is almost mandatory.

Another must is to visit the defensive line of castles
– from Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo until Penamacor – especially the fort square of Almeida, the scenery of two sieges, during the Seven Years War and the Third French Invasion.

The whole region is an endless list of reasons for sightseeing and cultural enrichment: the walled perimeters of Pinhel, Trancoso, Sortelha and Castelo Novo, the historical heritage of Guarda, Belmonte and Sabugal, the mythical castles of Celorico and Linhares da Beira and the Fonte das Seis Bicas in Alpedrinha.



Beginning of SWcouting

• 1925

Scout Centers

• Centro Escutista da Serra da Estrela – Covilhã
• Centro Escutista do Pião


• Training Courses for Leaders and CNE’s Educational Programme
• Meetings of Spiritual dynamics (Leaders and Chaplains)

District Activities

• District camp
• Activities per Sections
• St. Jorge’s Day
• District Competition on the Environmental practices for local Groups

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