The region of Évora is distributed by the main part of Alto Alentejo until the parallel of Avis, with the intrusion of Ribatejo’s towns, such as Benavente and Coruche. Like the region of Beja, this is the area of endless fields, broken here and there by elevations and great viewpoints over the neighbourhood, like the astles of Estremoz and Evoramonte.

Also known as “monument-city”, Évora shows an almost perfect conservation of its patrimony, one example of this being the See, the St. Francisco’s church, the Bones Chapel, the Água de Prata Aqueduct and the Temple of Diana, among others. In the neighbourhood, go off and discover the “megalithic”, visit the monumental Anta of Zambujeiro. Nearby are the Cromoleque and the Mehnir of Almendres and the Cave of Escoural, with an important archaeological collection.

The Dam of Alqueva, the largest artificial lake in Europe, offers a series of nature activities like the water sports, fishing, hunt and pedestrian walks. We recommend a historical tour around the boarder castles; you can find the castle of Ouguela and church in Campo Maior, the fort, the aqueduct and the old See in Elvas, the fortress in Juromenha, in Vila Viçosa the Ducal Palace and castle, and in Terena, the castle, the main church and the Endovelicus sanctuary. 



Beginning of Scouting

• 1936

Scout Centers

• Centro Escutista do Divor


• Training Courses for Leaders and CNE’s Educational Programme
• Holiday Camps Facilitator Courses for IPJ (Youth Portuguese Institute)

District Activities

• District camp
• Ecos Locais (Environment area in partnership with GNR - Republican National Guard)
• Activities per Sections
• Leaders’ meeting
• Activities for Rovers
• District Rover Forum

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