Aveiro region covers 10 municipalities in Beira Litoral (Littoral Region) northwest. Vouga River is 147 km long and has passages of great beauty, flowing through narrow valleys until streaming in Ria of Aveiro – a lagoon formed by the retreat of the sea, extending through 47 km between Ovar and Mira – it’s the perfect area for water sports. It’s a privileged place to observe the ancient art of salt production, with dozens of salt works, and its traditional vessels, the elegant Moliceiros. In the pleasant littoral of this region, the Torreira and Costa Nova beaches stand out, flowing side by side with the Ria de Aveiro. In these beaches, you can swim in the ocean, do sailing or take a trip in the ria. South from Torreira is the Natural Reserve of St. Jacinto Dunes, where a bird refuge was created. Between the A1 motorway and Águeda is the Pateira of Fermentelos, the biggest natural lagoon of the Iberian Peninsula, rich in fauna, flora and underwater species. We suggest a walk in Anadia and Águeda – two wine-producing municipalities – where it’s still possible to find old- -fashion produced wine, by foot treading in small winepress buildings. 

Beginning of Scouting

• 1926

Scout Centers

• Centro Nacional de Formação Ambiental de São Jacinto
• Centro de Atividades Escutistas de Sangalhos
• Centro de Formação Padre Horácio Cura


• Training Courses for Leaders and CNE’s Educational Programme

District Activities

• ACAREG - District camp
• St. Jorge’s Day
• Leaders’ Day
• Activities by Pedagogic Areas: North, South, Bairrada and Nascente
• Activities per Sections
• Spiritual dynamics

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